Saturday, March 14, 2009


Take your first tab and tie your yarn into one of the holes.

Insert your hook through the center of the tab where you tied your yarn and draw up a loop. Make 2 Single crochet (SC) in same hole. Chain 1.

With smooth sides facing up, lay your next pop tab on top of the first tab. 2 SC in the next hole, chain 1. All tabs have a thick end and a thin end, make sure all tabs are facing the same direction.
Lay your third tab on. 2 SC in hole, chain 1. 2 SC in end hole of tab. Your belt will be 3 pop tabs wide. Chain 2, turn.

You are now ready to add your next row. You should be holding your work in the position of the photo.

Lay your next tab on top of the ending tab, smooth sides together and matching end shape. Insert hook into both tabs at the same time and crochet 2 SC.